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Officially, I am Boowire Sunny Bay a Welsh Terrier. I think there's some mistake in this name for surely I am Ozymandias King of Kings. Ask my two human servants - they will tell you. For day to day purposes I use the name Archie though for some reason, my servants address me by many different names.

Monday, 28 January 2013

On Sleep 3

Is it any wonder I have a reputation for being able to sleep any place, any time and in any position? I clearly picked up my soporific tendencies from the manservant!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

On Sharing

It's not normally in the terrier gene to share, but now and again when it's cold outside and the central heating is struggling to keep even reasonable ambience, I let the manservant have a corner of my blanket.

On Sleep 2

One of the great arts of being a terrier is the ability to sleep anywhere at any time.  Like I've said before, always keep one ear cocked and one eye open.  Despite the servant's socks, this has become one of my favourite sleeping postures.