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Officially, I am Boowire Sunny Bay a Welsh Terrier. I think there's some mistake in this name for surely I am Ozymandias King of Kings. Ask my two human servants - they will tell you. For day to day purposes I use the name Archie though for some reason, my servants address me by many different names.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

On James Joyce and The Stream of Consciousness

Sausages are good, sausages are good, sausages are good, cats are bad, cats are very bad, sausages are good, the Kong ball must be destroyed, chicken is good as is the sausage.  That said, cats are bad as is the squirrel - but the squirrel doesn't tease but too must be destroyed.  The cat teases and is therefore bad but the sausage does not tease but tempts - as does chicken and also steak which are both good things.  Sleep, ah sleep perchance to dream, perchance to dream of the sausage which is good or the steak which is very good - or rabbits which run and must under all circumstances be chased in dreams or reality...and their taste perhaps of sausage which is goooood!...

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  1. Hi Archie, pleased to meet you, I see you are a new kid to blogging so thanks for following me, there's not many of us Welshies out there blogging, will put you on my side bar links, and my sister Tess will tell folks about your blogg on one of her Tuesday Tess's.
    We love sausages and chicken to
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx